Islamic tile pattern

Submitted By: Lazur Date: July 18, 2015, 08:48:49 AM Views: 1923
Summary: simple geometric shape, snapping and editing basics

Idea came from here, in an attemt to break down construction steps with inkscape just as any compass and ruler construction.

(Svg image hosted at openclipart, you can download and open the image in inkscape.)

Some hints for the used actions:

                              duplicate - Ctrl+D

                   grouping objects - Ctrl+G

                          ungrouping - Shift+Ctrl+G

   converting objects to guides - Shift+G

              fill and stroke panel - Shift+Ctrl+F

      align and distribute panel - Shift+Ctrl+A

                    flip horizontally - H

                        flip vertically - V

                       align rotation - hold Ctrl while rotating

                    deleting guides - by hovering over the node tool the guide while holding Delete

     deleting all guides at once - option in file menu since 0.91

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