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Welcome to Inkscape Community!  This collection of links to Inkscape tutorials came about as a result of my personal need for a centralized source of good quality tutorials.  I've reviewed all of these tutorials, and found them to contain generally correct info about Inkscape, presented in an easily understandable format, and worthwhile.  Of course it would be impossible to show every known tutorial here, and if you're looking for some specific subject, you still may need to search the internet.  But I hope this will make it easier for Inkscape students, to find the info they need.

Please note, that for the most part, I've tried not to include tutorials which utilize features or techniques that are significantly changed in the current version of Inkscape.  However, there are some tutorials listed, where a step that is secondary to the main goal of the tutorial, uses a feature or technique which has been changed or improved in the current version.  Especially note that Snapping has been improved, and controls have changed quite a lot from the earliest versions listed here, to the current version.  If you should need assistance with any tutorial, please feel free to post a message on this board, in our forum.

These skill level categories, to which I've assigned the tutorials, are strictly my opinion, but based on my own knowledge and understanding of Inkscape.  The tutorial authors may or may not agree with how I've categorized them, but I do have permission from most of the authors (only one or two I haven't been able to contact).  Also, you'll see that there are different kinds of bullets, which indicate the versions of Inkscape for which the tutorials were written.  Here's the key:  

- these are our own tutorials
-- these tutorials were written for version 0.45
-- for 0.46
-- for 0.47
-- for 0.48
-- for 0.91
-- for 0.92
-- I don't know or am not sure which version the tutorial was written for

Please click on the black text of each list item to reveal the list of tutorials from each author.  Click again to close.
And....have fun!













Inkscape Manuals and Books


  • Inkscape:  Guide to a Vector Drawing Program (4th Edition) by Tavmjong Bah
    • Also available as a book
    • Or ebook
    • Note:  This is the official Inkscape manual, which is linked from the Inkscape Help menu.
  • Floss Manuals Inkscape
    • Also available as a EPUB
    • Or PDF
    • Note:  This manual is much improved, since I last looked at it a few years ago (and found many blank pages).  I actually wasn't planning to include it in this list. But now there are only a couple of unwritten chapters. So especially for beginners, if you haven't checked it out lately, you may want to.
  • a Quick Guide to Inkscape
    • Note:  This small manual is especially well-written for beginners, imo.  (A couple of images could be very mildly nsfw.)


  • Inkscape 0.48 Illustrator's Cookbook, by Mihaela Jurkovic and Rigel Di Scala Packt Publishing
  • Building Web Applications with SVG, by David Dailey, et al. or   (about SVG in general, rather than specifically about Inkscape)


Thanks to the authors of all these wonderful resources, for their contribution to the Inkscape community. I know I would never have been able to learn how to use Inkscape, without help from the materials which they've so generously written, and made available!

If you'd like your tutorial to be listed here, or you know of books or tutorials that you think should be listed, please post a message (or use our contact form, if you don't want to register).  Especially I'd like to know about more non-English tutorials  ;-)

I hope you'll have time to browse through the rest of the Inkscape Community website. Especially you may be interested in registering, so you can display some of your work in our gallery. In my experience, there aren't many all-Inkscape galleries around the 'net, which anyone can use. So I hope you'll enjoy using it. You can navigate using the tabs/menu bar at the top of every page. Happy Inkscaping!


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