Drawing a wood texture

Submitted By: Lazur Date: November 26, 2014, 03:59:22 PM Views: 6895
Summary: An example use for the masking option.

This was requested by ait.
Probably it produces a too polished texture, but that was what I used here.

Hatching lpe can make something more random.

To create a wooden texture one need darker lines over a lighter shape.
With blending modes this can be done easily. However, the different blending modes can be achieved by filtering only.
So, the idea is, to make a fill that blends with transparency -where the opacity fades, the object beneath shows through.
For that, masking is presented in the tutorial.

Draw the lighter shade (1),
duplicate the shape and alter it's gradient fill to be darker.(2)
On another duplicant, set up a masking object.(3)
White will represent the darker part of the texture after the masking set. (4-5)
Modify the gradients after, there are many possibilities.

You can also use a clone for the masking.
That way even the texture's shape can be adjusted after.

Full vector svg is presented here and here.

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