brush stroke tutorial

Submitted By: Lazur Date: December 19, 2014, 08:56:48 PM Views: 7498
Summary: a simple representation how to create a brushed effect (drawing a path in the shape of a brush stroke, to be used as a source on the pattern along path live path effect boundled in the pencil tool)

Illustrations are svg-s, hosted at openclipart.
Download them and try those shapes presented in action -possibility of the other articles too, I shall note.

An add to the first part, where it says "nodes rectangle selected,
scaled by their bounding box handle", is done with the node tool.
The intention was to scale only the left part of the nodes to be less wide, so the "strike zone" of the stroke would become shorter.
For that matter, nodes have been edited out of the path there, as it don't add much to the actual look.

Quote in the second half taken from the manual (pencil tool).

Also related part on the pattern along path lpe.

Article idea came from ait, at the sketch it up! project.

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