interpolate sub-paths lpe guide

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Summary: A quick guide showing how the interpolate sub-paths lpe can be adjusted.

This one was asked by Ragnar.
The original idea is to lay a grid over a distorted page of a book.
This article is about to show how it can be done with interpolate sub-paths live path effect.

1. Showing the original path, with it's path direction and nodes numbered.

2. If nodes 1-6 and 3-4 are unconnected, the path will become compound, thus the interpolate sub-paths live path effect can be applied.

Note, how the lpe looks messed up, which is related to the sub-paths opposite direction.

3. If one of the sub-path's direction is reversed -this case with nodes 4-5-6-, then the lpe produces the look wanted.
To do that, simply select the nodes of the sub-path, and reverse its direction in the path menu.

4.-5. Same can be done on the sides of the shape, as in 2. and 3.

6. The interpolate sub-paths lpe offers an option to adjust a trajectory path. With that, the "horizontal" and "vertical" lines of the grid can almost be matched together.
All the generated sub-paths are center-aligned to points with even distances on the trajectory path.
It is not close to perfect on connecting the top and bottom paths of the grid, but can give a good representation.

Other solution would be, to use stitch sub-paths on 2., to generate the "vertical" lines -but which also produces a small inaccuracy at the start and end of each generated paths -at least on 0.48.

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