How to use The Inkscape Eraser Tool

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Summary: A mini tutorial that briefly explains the use of the Inkscape eraser tool.

The Eraser tool
1. Eraser settings:
When you click on the Eraser tool
:era:   in the Inkscape Toolbar you will see that the controls in the top left of the program window change. A width slider appears. The width slider lets you control the width of the area the Eraser tool affects as you drag it across an object.

To the right of the Width slider, two button icons appear. Click one, and you will erase entire objects when you click-hold-and-drag the Eraser tool across them. Click the other, and you will erase only the portion of an object that you drag the Eraser across, essentially ?cutting? the object.

Erasing entire objects works equally well on grouped objects, and single path objects.

Erasing only part of an object wont work on grouped objects, so if your objects are grouped ungroup them before using the Eraser.
Where objects overlap, all the objects crossed by the eraser will be cut as you left-click-hold and drag the eraser across them. The eraser will "draw"a path across your objects, and you can then use path>break apart to separate the pieces, then select and delete the ones you dont want.

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March 05, 2014, 05:05:11 PM
good info.....!!!!
Maybe you could create a link to "Group, UnGroup" tutorial