Help: Smileys

Below is a list of the smileys available on this forum. Note that smileys may differ from forum to forum.

Please note that not all of the smiley codes will be correctly parsed and converted to images unless their opening spaces are present.

Name Image (click to insert) Code (type to insert)
shoot :shoot: :shoot:
pot-o-gold :stpat: :stpat:
rflol :rflol: :rflol:
hissy-fit :hissy: :hissy:
camper :hcamp: :hcamp:
good idea :gidea: :gidea:
???girl :?girl: :?girl:
clap1 :clap1: :clap1:
help-sos :help1: :help1:
head above :help2: :help2:
thumbs down :tdown: :tdown:
snap to bounding box corners :s2bbc: :s2bbc:
wink1 :wink1: :wink1:
idea2 :idea2: :idea2:
sherlock :sher: :sher:
peek :peek: :peek:
cry a river :cryr: :cryr:
boy-girl high 5 :bgh5: :bgh5:
wizard1 :wiz1: :wiz1:
u-b-ok :ubok: :ubok:
type :type: :type:
bow2 :bow2: :bow2:
bow1 :bow1: :bow1:
coffee2 :cof2: :cof2:
coffee1 :cof1: :cof1:
coffee3 :cof3: :cof3:
rant :rant: :rant:
no-no :nono: :nono:
happy hug :hhug: :hhug:
heehee1 :hee1: :hee1:
girl pass out :gfnt: :gfnt:
cheers3 :chr3: :chr3:
cheers2 :chr2: :chr2:
cheers1 :chr1: :chr1:
cool :cool: :cool:
buddies :buds: :buds:
blink-flower :blfl: :blfl:
blab :blab: :blab:
best :best: :best:
argh :argh: :argh:
rtfm :rtfm: :rtfm:
gift :gift: :gift:
rose :rose: :rose:
Uh-oh! :uhoh: :uhoh:
help :help: :help:
snap to axon grid :s2ag: :s2ag:
snap to rect grid :s2rg: :s2rg:
align bottom to top of anchor :ab2t: :ab2t:
align left edge to right of anchor :al2r: :al2r:
align top to bottom of anchor :at2b: :at2b:
copy :copy: :copy:
align base text horizontally :abth: :abth:
distribute base text vertically :dbtv: :dbtv:
dropper/color pick :drop: :drop:
ellipse - arcs :earc: :earc:
ellipse - segments :eseg: :eseg:
flip 90 degrees left :f90l: :f90l:
flip 90 degrees right :f90r: :f90r:
Gradient tool :grad: :grad:
tweak path shrink :twps: :twps:
tweak path push :twpp: :twpp:
vertical text left to right :vlrt: :vlrt:
Inkscape Preferences :pref: :pref:
move gradient with object :mgwo: :mgwo:
show next lpe parameter :lpep: :lpep:
Node tool :node: :node:
open existing file :open: :open:
tweak jitter :twj: :twj:
Rectangle tool :rect: :rect:
redo :redo: :redo:
Save :save: :save:
scale radii :srad: :srad:
snap to cusp/corner nodes :s2cc: :s2cc:
snap to mid-point of line :s2mp: :s2mp:
snap to page :s2pg: :s2pg:
snap to rotation center :s2rc: :s2rc:
snap to smooth nodes :s2sn: :s2sn:
snap to bounding box edges :sbbe: :sbbe:
snap bounding box midpoint :sbbm: :sbbm:
snap to bounding box center :s2bc: :s2bc:
snap to center of object :s2oc: :s2oc:
snap text :snt: :snt:
enable / disable snapping :snap: :snap:
Spiral tool :spir: :spir:
spray clones :spcl: :spcl:
spray copies :spco: :spco:
spray union :spun: :spun:
Star / Polygon tool :star: :star:
symmetrical node :symn: :symn:
Text tool :text: :text:
tweak attract object :twa: :twa:
Undo :undo: :undo:
zoom drawing to fit window :zd2w: :zd2w:
zoom page to fit window :zp2w: :zp2w:
zoom selection to fit window :zs2w: :zs2w:
zoom next :znxt: :znxt:
zoom out :zout: :zout:
zoom previous :zprv: :zprv:
Zoom tool :zoom: :zoom:
zoom page width to fit window :zpw2: :zpw2:
zoom drawing to fit window 2 :zdw2: :zdw2:
zoom selection to fit window :zsw2: :zsw2:
snap to path intersection :s2in: :s2in:
add new layer :lay+: :lay+:
delete layer :lay-: :lay-:
stroke to path :st2p: :st2p:
align right edge to left of anchor :ar2l: :ar2l:
wave :wave: :wave:
wizard2 :wiz2: :wiz2:
helicopter :heli: :heli:
rain :rain: :rain:
cold :cold: :cold:
Measurement tool :meas: :meas:
gradient mesh rect :grmr: :grmr:
stroke join bevel :stjb: :stjb:
stroke join round :stjr: :stjr:
gradient mesh con :grmc: :grmc:
stroke cap square :stcs: :stcs:
stroke join miter :stjm: :stjm:
even-odd fill rule :freo: :freo:
non-zero fill rule :frnz: :frnz:
stroke cap butt :stcb: :stcb:
stroke cap round :stcr: :stcr:
bspline mode :bspl: :bspl:
huh? :???: :???:
Yes! :yes: :yes:
thumbs up 2 :tu2: :tu2:
cross fingers :xf1: :xf1:
red-nose reindeer :rnr: :rnr:
O.M.G. :omg: :omg:
menorah :men: :men:
meditate/calm :med: :med:
low 5 :lo5: :lo5:
jack-o-lantern :jol: :jol:
high 5 :hi5: :hi5:
faint :fnt: :fnt:
dreidel :ddl: :ddl:
detective :det: :det:
boggled :bog: :bog:
bdcake :bdc: :bdc:
yay :yay: :yay:
xmas tree :xmt: :xmt:
xmas eve :xme: :xme:
xmas brews :xmb: :xmb:
whistle :whs: :whs:
toast :tst: :tst:
TNstud :tns: :tns:
throw-pc :tpc: :tpc:
thanksgiving :tkg: :tkg:
dance :dnc: :dnc:
thanks2 :ty2: :ty2:
thanks1 :ty1: :ty1:
see stars / dazed :ssd: :ssd:
specs-boy :spb: :spb:
specs-girl :spg: :spg:
shake hands :shk: :shk:
no1 :no1: :no1:
cp punch :cpp: :cpp:
lol :lol: :lol:
hmm :hmm: :hmm:
happy b-day :hbd: :hbd:
goofy reindeer :grd: :grd:
good luck 2 :gl2: :gl2:
good luck 1 :gl1: :gl1:
sick/flu :flu: :flu:
Duh! :duh: :duh:
dozing :doz: :doz:
dazed :daz: :daz:
chew out :cho: :cho:
beg/please :beg: :beg:
A-OK :aok: :aok:
FYI! :fyi: :fyi:
no2 :no2: :no2:
whew :whw: :whw:
please-please :xf2: :xf2:
thumbs up 1 :tu1: :tu1:
thumbs down :thd: :thd:
2 thumbs up :2tu: :2tu:
happy dance 2 :hd2: :hd2:
sunny :sun: :sun:
very happy or joy :joy: :joy:
thumbs up :tup: :tup:
align and distribute dialog :and: :and:
snap to guides :s2g: :s2g:
align base text :abt: :abt:
align text anchors vertically :aav: :aav:
align on vertical axis :ava: :ava:
align on horizontal axis :aha: :aha:
auto-smooth nodes :asn: :asn:
fill bounded area :fba: :fba:
show clip path :scp: :scp:
connector :con: :con:
make segment curve :msc: :msc:
cusp/corner node :ccn: :ccn:
cut :cut: :cut:
distribute centers horizontally :dch: :dch:
distribute centers vertically :dcv: :dcv:
distribute left edges :dle: :dle:
distribute right edges :dre: :dre:
distribute top edges :dte: :dte:
distribute bottom edges :dbe: :dbe:
tweak push :twpu: :twpu:
duplicate :dup: :dup:
Eraser tool :era: :era:
export :exp: :exp:
Fill and Stroke dialog :fsd: :fsd:
connector - avoid objects :cao: :cao:
horizontal gaps equal :hge: :hge:
hidden :hid: :hid:
connector - ignore objects :cio: :cio:
import :imp: :imp:
kern horizontally :tkh: :tkh:
rotate letters :tkr: :tkr:
kern vertically :tkv: :tkv:
Layers dialog :lay: :lay:
letter space :tls: :tls:
make segment straight :mss: :mss:
locked :lck: :lck:
lower by 1 :low: :low:
show mask path :smp: :smp:
text outer style :tos: :tos:
tweak path attract :twpa: :twpa:
move pattern with object :mpo: :mpo:
lower to bottom :m2b: :m2b:
raise to top :mtt: :mtt:
show node handles :snh: :snh:
join selected nodes :jsn: :jsn:
open new file :onf: :onf:
connector orthoganal or polyline :cop: :cop:
show path outline :spo: :spo:
tweak paint :twp: :twp:
paste :pst: :pst:
Pen / Bezier tool :pen: :pen:
Pencil / Freehand tool :pfh: :pfh:
print :prt: :prt:
radial gradient :rgr: :rgr:
raise by 1 :rb1: :rb1:
remove :rem: :rem:
tweak duplicate :twd: :twd:
tweak blur object :twb: :twb:
scale stroke width :ssw: :ssw:
Selection tool :sel: :sel:
sharp rectangle corners :src: :src:
show transform handles for nodes :sth: :sth:
snap to paths :s2p: :s2p:
spiro spline mode :ssm: :ssm:
Spray tool :spr: :spr:
star mode :stm: :stm:
straight line mode :slm: :slm:
straight line, paraxial mode :s90: :s90:
subscript :sub: :sub:
superscript :sps: :sps:
swatches :swa: :swa:
Text and Font dialog :tnf: :tnf:
tweak rotate :twro: :twro:
Tweak tool :twk: :twk:
unclone (unlink clone) :ucl: :ucl:
ungroup :ung: :ung:
unlock :unl: :unl:
unset fill :uns: :uns:
vertical gaps equal :vge: :vge:
visible :vis: :vis:
word space :wsp: :wsp:
XML Editor :xml: :xml:
zoom in :zin: :zin:
3D Box tool :3db: :3db:
zoom page to fit window :zp2: :zp2:
defaults :def: :def:
centered text :txc: :txc:
flowed text :txf: :txf:
left justified text :txl: :txl:
right justified text :txr: :txr:
move to bottom :bot: :bot:
move down 1 :md1: :md1:
move to top :top: :top:
move up 1 :mu1: :mu1:
break path between nodes :bbn: :bbn:
break path :brp: :brp:
join nodes with segment :jns: :jns:
object to path :o2p: :o2p:
happy dance 3 :hd3: :hd3:
girl smile :gsm: :gsm:
nod :nod: :nod:
off topic :ot1: :ot1:
you there? :uth: :uth:
axe-chop :axe: :axe:
log :log: :log:
car :car: :car:
ski :ski: :ski:
snow1 :sn1: :sn1:
snow2 :sn2: :sn2:
end off topic :ot2: :ot2:
deselect :des: :des:
order fms :fms: :fms:
order fsm :fsm: :fsm:
order mfs :mfs: :mfs:
order msf :msf: :msf:
order sfm :sfm: :sfm:
order smf :smf: :smf:
polygon mode :pm: :pm:
zip lip :zl: :zl:
wreath :wr: :wr:
Thanks! :th: :th:
party3 :p3: :p3:
party2 :p2: :p2:
party1 :p1: :p1:
heart2 :h2: :h2:
heart1 :h1: :h1:
headset :hs: :hs:
dramatic :dr: :dr:
dan.boone :db: :db:
crystal ball :cb: :cb:
candy cane :cc: :cc:
balloons / party :bp: :bp:
yikes2 :f5: :f5:
shockz :f4: :f4:
shocked :f3: :f3:
shock-faint :f2: :f2:
yikes1 :f1: :f1:
Xbones :xb: :xb:
wow-spring :ws: :ws:
welcome3 :w3: :w3:
welcome2 :w2: :w2:
welcome1 :w1: :w1:
You rock! :ur: :ur:
shake-hug :sh: :sh:
santa wave :sw: :sw:
rim shot :rs: :rs:
read book :rb: :rb:
angry/demand :ad: :ad:
Who me? :wm: :wm:
you're welcome :yw: :yw:
honor/praise :hp: :hp:
daisies (thanks) :dt: :dt:
Hi! :hi: :hi:
happy dance :hd: :hd:
angry >:-( >:-(
feel better :fb: :fb:
chew gum :cg: :cg:
campout :co: :co:
campfire :cf: :cf:
busy bee :bb: :bb:
bummed out :bo: :bo:
bonk-head-1 :b1: :b1:
black cat :bc: :bc:
hit head :hh: :hh:
angel 0:-) 0:-)
roll eyes :@@: :@@:
align bottom edges :ab: :ab:
align left edges :al: :al:
align right edges :ar: :ar:
align top edges :at: :at:
bezier mode :bm: :bm:
tweak roughen path :twrp: :twrp:
Calligraphy tool :ct: :ct:
clone :cl: :cl:
horizontal text :ht: :ht:
vertical text :vt: :vt:
document properties :dp: :dp:
whole ellipse :we: :we:
Ellipse tool :et: :et:
flat color :fc: :fc:
flip horizontal :fh: :fh:
flip vertical :fv: :fv:
group :gr: :gr:
line space :ls: :ls:
add node :an: :an:
delete node :dn: :dn:
pattern fill :pf: :pf:
pressure :cp: :cp:
smooth node :sn: :sn:
boo-hoo :bh: :bh:
sad girl :gs: :gs:
oldies :ot: :ot:
vwbug :vw: :vw:
unsure / dunno :-S :-S
devil grin >-D >-D
evil >-) >-)
cheesy2 ;-D ;-D
cheesy1 :-D :-D
asleep |-) |-)
tired/yawn :-O :-O
unsure :-| :-|
tease1 :-P :-P
read paper :rp :rp
neener-neener 8-} 8-}
blush :-$ :-$
cry :'( :'(
innocent 0:) 0:)
big Q :?: :?:
very sad :-( :-(
cool B-) B-)
! :!: :!:
sad :( :(
wink2 ;) ;)
tease2 :P :P
laugh :D :D
smile1 :) :)
tweak randomize :twra: :twra:
tweak shrink :tws: :tws:
linear gradient :lgr: :lgr:
erase cut out :eco: :eco:
erase delete :ed: :ed:
linear-gradient :grl: :grl:
radial-gradient :radg: :radg:
rect-gradient mesh :gmr: :gmr:
unset line height :usl: :usl:
gradient mesh tool :grm: :grm: