Inkscape Resources

Inkscape Resources


Welcome to Inkscape Community!  This page contains several collections of links to various Inkscape resources (currently tutorials, manuals, and extensions, but hopefully to include filters, icon sets, and more, in the future.).  Our goal is to maintain a centralized source of all Inkscape resources.  If you know of any which aren't listed here, you may request they be listed by posting a message here (or use our contact form, if you don't want to register).

Inkscape Tutorials

These are what we consider the most worthwhile Inkscape tutorials.  We've reviewed almost all of these and found them to contain correct info, presented in an easily understandable format, and not grossly outdated.

With the current update for this page, most of the tutorials that we either know of, or suspect were written for version 0.45, are removed.  That version is just too outdated, and tutorials likely are hard to use.  Specifically, and sadly, we've had to remove all the videos, as their site has closed down.  But many of them were written for version 0.45 anyway.  Perhaps on the bright side, we can see this as progress for the Inkscape project?  (Some of their videos may be found on YouTube.)

If you should need assistance with any tutorial, please feel free to post a message on this board.

The skill level categories, in which the tutorials are organized, are based on our opinion, as well as our knowledge and understanding of Inkscape.  When you expand the list of tutorials by each author (click on the black text), you'll see that there are different colors of bullets, which indicate the version of Inkscape for which each tutorial was written.  Here's the key:  

- these are our own tutorials
-- these tutorials were written for version 0.46
-- for 0.47
-- for 0.48
-- for 0.91
-- for 0.92
-- we don't know or are not sure which version the tutorial was written for

Please click on the black text of each list item to reveal the list of tutorials from each author.  Click again to close.
And....have fun!












Inkscape Books and Manuals


  • Inkscape 0.48 Illustrator's Cookbook, by Mihaela Jurkovic and Rigel Di Scala Packt Publishing
  • Building Web Applications with SVG, by David Dailey, et al. Microsoft Press Store  (about SVG in general, rather than specifically about Inkscape)  This can probably be found in libraries, but I can no longer find a free version on the internet.
  • Learn SVG:  The Web Graphics Standard, by Jon Frost, Stefan Goessner and Michel Hirtzler or   (also about SVG in general, rather than specifically about Inkscape)


Inkscape Extensions

This intends to be a list of all known external Inkscape extensions, which are extensions that are not built in to Inkscape.   The links provided point to where you can download the necessary files.

Be sure to read whatever instructions you might find there.  They might be installation instructions (which may differ from those provided here below) or they might be instructions for using the extension.  If you have questions about using the extension, you could try posting a message in the forum, and maybe someone else will have used it, and can help.  (Since it doesn't come installed with Inkscape, the community cannot necessarily provide support for it.  Although we certainly try to :-) )

Not all of these extensions work with every version of Inkscape, or on all operating systems.  You'll have to read the information provided with the files, to find out that info.  Or in some cases you might have to install it and try it.  Or some of us in the forum might know that info, as well.

To install an extension, if the extension's author has not provided instructions:

  1. Look at the file path indicated here:  Edit menu > Inkscape Preferences > System > User Extensions.
  2. Using your file manager, browse to that location.
  3. Paste the file which you downloaded (likely a ZIP file).
  4. As you should always do for any file which you download from the internet, scan it for malware.
  5. Unpack or extract.
  6. Browse through the extracted files and locate all INX and PY files.  There may be only one of each.
  7. Copy them, and paste into the folder given in #1 above.  (They must be directly in that folder, and not in a folder in that folder.)

If you think you've found a bug in the extension, you should report that to the author of the extension.  You can usually find a way to contact the author at the place where you download the files.

These are organized based on the Inkscape Extensions menu, with categories of the same name as the submenus, plus some additional categories which are needed for basic organization.

Please click on the black text of each list item to reveal the list of extensions in each category.  Click again to close.

External Extensions

External Extensions, continued

External Extensions, continued


Thanks to the authors of all these wonderful resources, for their contribution to Inkscape!


Happy Inkscaping!

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