08 Dec 2013 - Our Privacy Practices

Our Privacy Practices

In the interest of full disclosure, transparency, and all that stuff, regarding privacy, I want you know that we're using some tracking software here, called Piwik.

What is tracked?

  • the number of people who visit Inkscape Community
  • the date and time of each visit
  • how much time visitors spend on each page
  • which links you click while you're here
  • your IP address, the name of your ISP and the country where it's located
  • whether you came to this site via a link (and which website contains the link), search engine (which one), or a Favorites/Bookmark link (or you typed in the address)
  • the type of operating system and browser you're using

How does Inkscape Community use this info?

  • the IP address is strictly for security reasons (in the rare instance when someone deserves banning, and of course for spammers)
  • to learn how many people visit -- daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • to learn which pages or features are more popular or less popular
  • to gauge the popularity of new pages or features
  • the number of guests who visit, compared to logged in members
  • The operating system and browser info is displayed in messages, because the answer to someone's question on the forum might depend on which type of system on which they use Inkscape.
  • Honestly, I like to think of myself as a citizen of the world, and it's simply curiosity that I like to see what part of the world our members and guests call home (or at least where they get their internet service).  I don't actually use that info for anything except personal interest.

I never know the real name of any visitor, guest or member....unless their username is their real name, or they tell it to me via PM or email.  In any case, the tracking cannot find out anyone's real name.  The only reason I would ever do a whois search on an IP address (where I could possibly find someone's real name) would be if they were a security risk.  All I ever know about guests, is what I've listed above.  For members, the IP address is connected to the username (which is part of the forum, not the tracking software).  But again, except in the case of a security issue, I will have no reason to dig into the IP address.

So, you can see that the kind of info we're gathering, isn't terribly personal.  And of course I would hope that most people don't mind the tracking because the info is quite helpful in managing and administrating the site.

Opt Out of Tracking

But if you'd rather this info not be reported about your visits to Inkscape Community, please read, and check the box below, accordingly:
(Note that the opt-out form below is in a small iframe. iframes are blocked by some security programs. So if you can't see it, you may need change the security settings temporarily; and then restore them after you check the box.)

If you have any questions or comments about this, please feel free to post a message in the Website / Forum Issues and Announcements board.  Or comment below.


December 2013
(updated 8-3-17)