Author Topic: exported svg doesn't work with Cricut Design Space  (Read 2193 times)

September 04, 2018, 10:56:26 AM
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I exported an SVG design but it won't import into Cricut Design Space which uses svg designs.  I've exported SVG designs from Make the Cut and imported them into Cricut Design Space and they worked.  This only happens with exported SVG's from Inkscape.  I've used every SVG export that is available in Inkscape but none of them import into Cricut Design Space so I am at a loss as to how to get an svg that works from Inkscape.  Any ideas would be helpful.

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September 04, 2018, 01:40:33 PM
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Does it give any error messages?

I think we've had a similar question only recently, you could do a search on both forums ( and here), or wait for Brynn to hopefully remember the details.

September 05, 2018, 06:17:06 AM
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Welcome to the forum, vgmiller!

I don't know about remembering something.  There are so many digital cutters these days, I can't keep up.  I don't own or use any of them.  There is a current issue in another topic about DXF and Silhouette.  But about SVG and Cricut....  Well, there might be other messages about Cricuts, and you could certainly search.

Have you been able to use SVG files from Inkscape in the past?  Or is this the first time you're tried?

Repeating what Moini asked, is there an error message?

Isn't MTC the native Cricut software?  I guess it's no surprise that its own software works.

Does Cricut accept any other formats?

If you'd like to share the SVG file with us, I guess it's possible you don't have everything converted to paths.  Or if you know what that means, you could double-check yourself.

I guess it might be interesting the compare an SVG from MTC with an SVG from Inkscape.  You're welcome to share those with us, if you like, although I don't have any idea whether I might find anything helpful.
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