Author Topic: Inkscape unresponsive to language selection  (Read 164 times)

May 17, 2019, 04:59:03 AM
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I have an annoying problem with Inskcape. I'm working on a networked computer in Germany running windows 7, but the system language of my PC is set to English. When I install Inkscape at first I select the language and it works fine in Enlgish. If I close and reopen the program then the interface language has changed to German.  I can go to Edit > Inkscape Preferences > Interface: Language and I see that it is still set to en_GB_variant_0. Changing the language via this menu and restarting has no effect on the interface language I see. This only way I can revert to English is to reinstall Inkscape, but as soon as I close the program the whole problem starts again. I'd be very grateful for any solutions! Many thanks.
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May 17, 2019, 05:25:04 PM
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A faster way would be to remove the preferences file, so it can be rewritten.

I can easily change the language Inkscape is working in (German system, language English, French, or whatever I need at that moment).

Is it possible that there's a problem with saving the preferences file on your computer? That would explain it. Or are other Inkscape preferences kept?