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May 06, 2013, 03:47:07 PM
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Welcome to Inkscape Community forum!

Before you post on the board, please be aware of the following:
This board will be strictly monitored for spam!!

We're not responsible for anything related to any contract or agreement you might make with anyone who posts a message here.
We're not responsible for any loss you many incur, having used services you found here.


  • Only promotions by people or businesses which use Inkscape in their work will be allowed.
  • Promotions must be tasteful and professional.  The message containing the ad must fit on one screen.  If you have to scroll to see it all, it's too big.  However, I expect most ads will be half that size.
  • Not much flashing, blinking or glittering; no profanity; and certainly no vulgar images.
  • Simple animations will be ok, if they aren't too fast.
  • Please do not include details about products and/or services, such as pricing and fees.
  • In general, what's posted here should resemble the kind of ad you would see an any professional graphics organization's publication (as long as it meets all the above requirements).


  • Ads must comform to the same Rules for Promotions above.
  • Discussions must take place via Private Message or email, not in this forum.
  • Barters advertised in this forum will be entirely professional -- one kind of work in exchange for another kind of work.  There will be no work in exchange for a used car or even a new toaster, for example.   Also, the work exchanged must be legal in the United States (and not what's legal in Nevada, if you get my drift.)
  • Please be extremely careful about entering into any barter agreement.  If you don't know, or otherwise can't trust the other party, you probably shouldn't get involved, unless you're willing to work for free, or receive inferior artwork.


  • Ads must comform to the same Rules for Promotions above.
  • Discussions should take place via Private Message and/or email -- not in the forum.
  • Commissioners -- Please be cautious!  You should be extremely detailed and explicit about the work you want done.  You should probably ask to see a portfolio, to make sure about the artist's skills, and to get some idea if they can work in the style you need.  Or otherwise, be prepared to receive inferior artwork.
  • Commissionees -- Please be extremely cautious about this.  As with barters, if you don't know, or otherwise can't trust your commissioner, you probably should not get involved, unless you're willling to do the work for free.
I've been quite hesitant about offering space for barter and commission ads.  So much can go wrong!  Yet, in many cases, these arrangements can be very successful.  If I get any negative reports, these types of ads may be removed and disallowed.

All best,
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