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March 03, 2014, 04:28:26 AM
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Hi Friends,
The contests we have are pretty much just like the challenges -- no deadlines, and you don't have to post your results, if you don't want to.  Mostly they are just opportunities to improve your skills.

The differences from challenges are 2:  1) there will be an album in the Inkscape Community Gallery for each contest, so that the results are displayed together, and easier to browse through.  And the part the makes it a contest, is that Ratings will be allowed in contest albums.  And the other difference, 2) is that while anyone can post a challenge, if they have an idea for one, contests ideas will need to be approved, because I'll need to make the new album for each contest.

If you want to post works in progress, or ask questions,  you can still do that in the topic thread where the contest is announced.  But when finished, you'll be able to upload into the contest album.

Once we have 3 or more people participating in a contest, then the image which receives the highest rating will be promoted to appear as the Featured Image on the front page of the gallery (!

Questions, comments, ideas or suggestions for topics, all welcome!

Have fun!

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