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March 13, 2017, 11:31:27 AM
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That's really nice to have a design come to life.

Some personal notes -the black feathers and beak would pop out more on a lighter clothing,
and in my humble opinion one bird alone could look sleeker. Now it looks there are even more in the pocket? There must be a huge nest inside.

yeah, it's nice to transfer stuff from digital space to analogue dimensions. i agree with your point on the feathers. do you mean just one bird at each side of the pockets? originally i just wanted to do one at each side but somehow got euphoric about the idea having them running into the pockets. maybe one on each side would look better, will try this.

Oh, very nice!  Great work!

What I mean about selling the design, is literally sell the design.  Someone else - clothing manufacturer, does all the work.  I remember that you've said in the past that you don't want to mass produce the shirts.  But just sell the art work.  I doubt if it's very lucrative, but still would be nice to have great designs on clothing I can afford.

don't worry brynn, i fully understand. but mass production is not my goal with this stuff. you surely can afford a original shirt produced by my humble self. i have calculated shirt and sweats - actually i would sell the shirts for 30 bucks and the sweat for 60 (all textiles made of bio-fair-trade cotton and using eco-threads). this might be affordable for everyone, don't you think?
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March 13, 2017, 01:50:48 PM
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this might be affordable for everyone, don't you think?

$30 for t-shirt?  Well, that's definitely a bargain for a t-shirt with embroidered design!  Affordable probably for US middle-class incomes.  But sadly, there are millions of people in the US who live below the poverty level, who buy their cloths at what we call a "dollar store" or more likely, 2nd hand store.  Clothing with embroidered designs would not end up there.

I just wish the Inkscape project had the kind of merchandising program where we could put things that people make with Inkscape into the store.  Personally, it seems rather silly for the project not to have that ability.  There is a store for Inkscape gear (not widely known yet...well, not even announced yet), but it can only sell its own products, with the Inkscape logo on them.  But maybe someday?
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