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July 29, 2013, 07:07:28 AM
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Welcome to Inkscape Community!

It's been a long and steep learning curve for me, as I've put this site together.  Huge thanks to mikey and NetWidow for their invaluable help and support along the way!  And it will be a work in progress over the next several months, as I continue to learn new skills, fine tune features, and add new ones.   But the main content, which is existing Inkscape tutorials and the opportunity for members to write tutorials (and have them hosted here) is entirely functional and available now.

In light of the maturity of, I expect this Inkscape Community forum will better serve new Inkscape users, at least at first.  And speaking of IF, please understand that I do not wish to be competitive.  Just 2 friendly forums with the similar goal of offering support for Inkscape, and the Inkscape community.  I hope we'll have many common members, and I hope members of both forums will feel comfortable participating in both forums.

Links to existing tutorials, all of which I've reviewed, and found to be complete, reasonabley up to date, and worthwhile, can be found on the Home tab.  If you've written and/or created video tutorials, that you'd like to see shown there, or just know of books, manuals or tutorials that are not already shown, please post a message on the Tutorial Review Requests board, with a link to it, and I'll have a look.

Members who meet certain qualifications will be able to use this forum's software to write new tutorials.  Those would be hosted here.  Here is info on how to get started.

In the plans, but not yet created, is a gallery for Inkscape images.  I'll be checking out software for that, and installing it asap.

One of the reasons I chose "Inkscape Community" as the domain, and name of this website, is to try and improve communication between Inkscape users and developers.  If any developers who are familiar with SMF and Tiny Portal mod, are interested in using any of its features, I certainly would be glad to add them, and host that activity here.  Just send a PM!

And finally....  When I first started with this project, I had the idea of getting good translation software, so that this could be an international community.  So far, I haven't found any such software, at least not of the quality I would like.  And what I've learned, is that it can be much more tricky than I ever imagined.  (Only static content can be translated.  The content which changes day to day, i.e. messages, is more difficult.)  If things become too involved, the multiple language support may have to be dropped.

But if you use this forum in any non-English language, please let me know if you find areas that need translating.  Or if you see any wrong or inappropriate translations, please let me know.  If you read and write any non-English language natively or fluently, and would be interested in moderating a board that's dedicated to offering Inkscape support in that language, please contact me.  For any of these, please contact me via Private Message.

So that's a brief overview.  Most, but not all of this site's content can be seen by guests.  Unfortunately, for security reasons, you'll need to register and log in, to be able to participate other than just reading.  I'm looking forward to making new friends, and to connecting with existing friends in this new environment; and to building this site to include whatever resources might be needed by the Inkscape community.  I hope everyone finds it to be friendly and easy to use.  And of course I'll be open to receiving questions, comments and/or suggestions for making it even better.  Please post a new topic on this board to leave yours.

All Best

Inkscape Community

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