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July 29, 2013, 07:35:49 AM
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Hi Friends,
If you're about to post your first ever message here, please read this first:  Before You Post Your 1st Message / Forum Rules

If you're about to post a message asking for help with a tutorial, please include the following info.  This will help us help you  :)
  • a link to the tutorial
  • credit the tutorial author
  • for a text tutorial, please tell us which step you're stuck on
  • for a video tutorial, please tell us the time step (hold mouse over progress bar to show the time)
  • and finally, please tell us what happens on your canvas that is different from the tutorial....or in other words, what goes wrong
  • the more detail, the better  :-D   and don't hesitate to provide a screenshot, if you need to  (in case you need help making a screenshot:  How to Make a Screenshot and Put it in a Message )

Thanks  :)
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